Harvest Red

Founded more than 144 years ago, in 1877 by Don Miguel Martínez Berberana in the town of Ollauri, in the heart of La Rioja. Berberana is not only one of the oldest wineries in La Rioja, but also one of the best-selling Spanish wine brands in the world.


The must is fermented with the grape skins at a temperature never higher than 28º. During the fermentation process, several liftings are carried out to promote the extraction of tannins and color. Finally, a discovery is made to separate the must wine from the skins and allow the fermentation process to finish slowly. After fermentation is complete, the wine is stabilized and undergoes amicrobial filtration before bottling.

type of wine: RED WINE
Alcohol: 13% VOL
pairing: Ideal accompaniment for roasts and stews.

CATA's notes


Cherry color.


With aromas and flavors of red fruits.


Light and fruity, it has a touch of acidity that gives it a refreshing finish.