harvest white

Founded more than 144 years ago, in 1877 by Don Miguel Martínez Berberana in the town of Ollauri, in the heart of La Rioja. Berberana is not only one of the oldest wineries in La Rioja, but also one of the best-selling Spanish wine brands in the world.


Once the must has been carefully filtered, it is transferred to stainless steel tanks where it is slowly fermented at a controlled temperature that never exceeds 18ºC. After fermentation, the wine undergoes a cold stabilization treatment and is then passed through a microbiological filter before proceeding to its assembly.


Type of wine: WHITE WINE
Alcohol: 11.5% VOL
Pairing: All kinds of seafood, white meats and vegetable creams.

CATA's notes


Straw color with golden reflections.


Floral aromas with melon and exotic tropical fruits.


A wine with a lighter body, intensely fruity, fresh and lively.